I had failed. Shackled by my fears, my nightmares, my horror, I was stuck on a spot. All my journey ending exactly where it began. I was neither moving forward, nor backwards. I was surrounded by darkness, shaped partly by myself and the harmful opinion of others. I could break free all by myself, I would break free; I believed.Like a phoenix, determined to rise from its ash, I willed myself to take off. I would fly, I would escape my self-imposed lockup. My will alone would make me win. Indeed, I escaped the shackle of frustration and disappointments, and ran straight into the cold embrace of death. I found out I was dying. Plagued by a kidney condition, I had only three years left to live. My only viable option was dialysis; but I knew it was postponing the inevitable. I would die.

I had a bout of depression, there was a general feeling of hopelessness, moments when I just stared at the nothingness of the air, in full realization that I was about to lose the most precious thing I had; my life. I wondered what would become of my family when it all ended. Was it fate? Was I destined to die? These questions resided deep in the trenches of my heart, waiting to be rescued by an answer. I needed faith, to believe in Him who is greater that I am. I did. Truly, I had failed, but I am no failure, I conquered the prediction of death by physicians and medical science and I am still conquering because I believe.

I chose life through the grace of Christ and the gift of the Holy Spirit. The life that was over in the eyes of medicine, had just began in the eyes of my King. Every night, my knees kissed the earth in fervent prayer to my heavenly Father. Fasting and denying myself the simple pleasure of a mealtime. I surrendered to the Holy Spirit, placed life in the affectionate hands of Christ. He who never fails didn’t fail me. He healed me by His stripes. I not only conquering, I am thriving.

Ten years and still counting, His praises never deserting my lips. Since 2007 still thriving, in perfect health with the love of God, friends, and families. My heart is glad, and I am grateful, because I’m not only conquering and thriving, I’m living. My testimony and gratitude expressed the only way I know how, THROUGH MY MUSIC. The best music creatives from different parts of the world, dedicated to helping me tell my story to the world, to you.

My name is Jubril Art Osunde, I am a survivor, and this is my story, and being Grateful is my song.

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